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Landscape Design Tips

Landscaping Design Tips & Ideas

Landscaping your outdoor environment can add value to your home or investment. Therefore it is crucial to carefully plan your new project before getting started, think of it as another room to compliment the style of your home or project. Below we have prepared a handful of questions, tips and hints that we believe will help you in achieving your desired result.

Points to Consider

  1. Is there a style or theme that inspires you ? Gather pictures, colours, textures and any ideas that you have.
  2.  What are your needs? A place to escape, relax, entertain.
  3. Who will use it?  The general public, family, friends, children or animals.
  4. What sort of garden do you want?  Low maintenance, flowers ,greenery, formal.
  5. Are there any problem areas? Water, sun, shade. We can suggest ways to enhance them.
  6. Is your area suitable for every season? Consider trees to cast shade in the summer    and create warmth in winter.
  7. Want to encourage wildlife? Native plants will attract native birds and insects.
  8.  Are you in a drought or fire prone area?
  9.  Would you like a focal point? Large tree, plinth, pond or water feature.
  10.  Do you need a screen for privacy or is there a structure overlooking you ?

If you have any questions about any of the above or would like us to help you in the design of your landscaping project, give us a call and one of our friendly staff will be happy to help. Call us on 0414 560 640 or email [email protected]