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Frequently Asked Questions About Newstyle Landscaping

1. What is the importance of drainage?

If correct drainage is not installed;  water will backup against retaining walls thereby moving them or undermining paving so that it becomes uneven. With gardens it may kill plants or wash away soil.

2. What quality of materials should be used in paving ?

Paving should be on the right base and at the right depth. The better the quality the longer it will last. The thickness of the paver is important and depends on the type of traffic they have to support.

3. What is the importance of maintaining your landscaping ?

To ensure that your landscaped area remains well presented and easy to maintain.

4. What insurance cover do you hold ?

We are fully insured, including Public liability and Workers Compensation.

5. Why is there generally such a range in quotes ?

There are short cuts that can be taken particularly in relation to the works under the ground which can’t be seen but definitely has a bearing on the lasting quality of the works.
There is also a big difference in the quality of raw materials that can be used.
Of course workmanship is of paramount importance.

At Newstyle we take pride in our workmanship and take no shortcuts and only use the best materials.  The job is built to the same quality as though it was done at our own home.

6. Are you fully licenced ?

Yes, my licence number is 146437c.

7. I have more questions, who can I talk to?

We would love to hear from you. You can call David directly on 0414 560 640 for questions about a particular project, or you can email [email protected] for general enquiries.